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Fast Fashion & Frugal Fashionistas

9 Jun

These days looking fab for less has become a way of life.  Before recently keeping up with the fast-paced, constantly evolving world of fashion was hard enough, let alone making a substantial amount of dough to support our shopping habits! But now various “Fast Fashion” retail companies are making waves in the apparel retail sector.  Affordable and adorable Spanish retailer Zara has really hit the nail on the head and as a result find themselves at the top of a very small list of retail chain stores who are repeatedly reporting quarterly profits in this tough economic situation.

With retail stores worldwide Zara has added Los Angeles to its location list with a massive store in the Grove and on Hollywood Blvd.  Providing several clothing lines for women which cover everything from gym attire to work and casual in addition to mens’ and childrens’ wear Zara has it all covered.  And unlike other fast fashion competitors like H&M or Forever 21 Zara clothing boasts a design and construction quality that far surpasses the rest.  So thank you Zara for keeping are closets and wallets full one season to the next.

Going Gaga for The 2010 Grammy Awards

1 Feb

It should not come as a surprise to many that the outlandishly stylish Lady Gaga would render many fashion critics speechless after her appearance on the red carpet for last night’s 52nd Annual Grammy Award show.  The Fame Monster has been creating hype, both good and bad, surrounding her style choices since the moment she burst onto the pop music scene with the release of her first album The Fame back in August 2008.

The big style shock came when red carpet reporters discovered an unusual and somewhat disturbing designer collaboration between Gaga and Giorgio Armani??  Gaga stated, “The series of pieces Mr. Armani created for me are truly iconic; they represent not only beautiful fashion, but my spirit and essence as an artist.”  Gaga loved Armani’s one of a kind creations so much she showcased a grand total of three different looks by the designer throughout the course of the evening.  Gaga has been recognized by the media and her fans for her creativity and forward thinking in performing and the realm of fashion, I say keep up the good work girl.

A few other noteworthy style props and compliments go to Katy Perry in her nude Zac Posen gown, Beyonce’s curve hugging gown by Stephane Rolland and my personal favorite of the evening, Fergie’s marvelous blue mini dress by Emilio Pucci.

Perry looked sweet and chic in her gold, flower studded mini.  The long-sleeve silhouette with its slightly seductive scoop neck showed of the singers bod.  Rolland’s form-fitting satin number did Beyonce’s curves justice and the neutral tone glistened against her luscious skin tone.

Tres Chic on the cheap: 10 Tips for shopping the “Rack”

1 Feb

Nordstrom Rack, the equally fabulous yet slightly more affordable offspring of the infamous Nordstrom chain boasts apparel and accessories with loads of glam for little green, but its beginnings weren’t so à la mode.  It was over three decades ago in rainy Seattle that this discount haven was born.  Originally intended as a clearance department in a damp and dark Seattle basement, Nordstrom Rack blossomed and evolved into the Shopaholic’s fantasy known and loved today in just a few short years.  Eventually earning the legacy of its very own division, Nordstrom Rack currently claims 69 locations in approximately 21 states.  A curious shopper can stumble upon a vast array of designer brands and merchandise at any given rack, including names like: MICHAEL Michael Kors, Joe jeans, BCBG, Calvin Klein and many more. But, the merchandise at Nordstrom Rack can be very fickle and vary greatly from one location to the next. Fortunately, there are a few valuable tips and tricks to scoring big and I’m going to let you in on a few of my prized secrets ( ten to be exact).

10. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t an online store for Nordstrom rack, heart breaking I know, but don’t dismay just head to a store and explore, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

9. Shop patient and shop often.  The rack gets new merchandise every week and there is something new on the floor every day.

8. Be sure to take your Nordstrom card with you. That’s right you heard me correctly.  Your Nordstrom card works at the rack too so swipe away darling!

7. Get on the list! If you haven’t already signed up for Rack news via postcards and emails it’s a must- they will keep you updated on special events and sales.

6. Tweet on.  I know you’ve been searching for a valid reason to jump on the twitter bandwagon, well here is your chance.  Register for your own Twitter account and listen for noteworthy Rack tweets.

5. Become a #1 fan.  Nordstrom rack has their very own facebook page and you can become a friend/fan with ease.  Due to certain designer agreements the rack is not authorized to advertise many of their special events and savings so being a fan on facebook grants you access to insider information.

4. Keep an open mind.  Some trips to Nordstrom rack requires a little patience and imagination.  Enjoy the thrill of the hunt and you just might be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind shopping find.

3. Read the fine print.  I am sure you are all well aware of the remarkable return policy enforced at Nordstrom, how does it go, “The customer is always right”.  Well I am sad to say this policy doesn’t fly at the rack- all sales on designer items and jewelry are final.  Don’t be discouraged though, you’ll be so in love with your unbelievable designer steal you won’t think twice about returning it.  Plus, all other items are returnable or exchangeable with receipt and tags within 30 days.

2. Don’t forget your Gift card.  It’s true, Nordstrom gift cards are redeemable at all rack locations so shop on sister.

1. Finally, Sit back and enjoy the compliments my friend.  I am sure you will agree there is nothing quite as satisfying as receiving a great compliment on your fabulous designer wardrobe piece all the while thinking in the back of your head……. that I found for half price!

Coo-Coo for Cashmere

26 Jan

Cashmere, a fiber widely known for its soft hand and supple touch may have been limited to high society members and those running in various imperial circles at one point in time but four centuries after its birth cashmere has become a mainstream fiber found in winter garments all over the globe.  The fiber’s producer, the “cashmere” goat is thought to have originated from Kashmir, the upper-most province of India or the Western Himalayas.  With each individual goat only being capable of producing three to eight ounces of cashmere fiber a year, it wasn’t until centuries after its introduction that cashmere began mass production, gaining popularity and respect of those in the textile business.

The Modern day cashmere we are all familiar with underwent a serious transformation over 4,000 miles away from its Himalayan birthplace in the country of Scotland, where the fiber has been knitted and woven since the early 19th century.  Cashmere yarns vary in count, the higher the number the finer the wool.  Depending on its source, the cashmere you wrap around your body could have an average count anywhere from 14 to 18.  Different cashmere manufacturers and wholesales use a variety of knit stitches when working with cashmere.  A Los Angeles Local company, CO2 Cashmere knits their cashmere fabric in a 3X72 and incorporates both 100% cashmere fabric as wells as silk and cashmere blends into their garments.  Silk, the sole natural filament yarn is a smooth and lustrous yarn, which combined with cashmere, brings a light and airy quality to garments.  Silk and cashmere blends create a perfect  cashmere yarn combination for the spring season.

Local LA design room goes Green

26 Jan

CO2 Cashmere shows you how to “Go Green” in Style

Fortunately for companies like CO2 design group going green was quick and easy thanks to the all-natural cellulose cashmere fibers already used in their garments.  Implementing cashmere, a renewable resource into their clothing lines is just one of many ways CO2 strives to reduce their carbon footprint.  In addition to recycling junk mail, CO2 employees are mobile, using only laptop computers- boosting energy efficiency by 50%.

Whether its plugging office computers and printers into power strips or going completely paperless with office files with QuickBooks, CO2 is taking serious steps to a greener planet.  Check out to see how you can make your space a happier and greener place!