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What I’m obsessed with this week.

6 Sep

1. Gorgeous Eye wear, Good cause.

Now that I have become accustomed to a serious decline in my vision in recent years I have been forced to wear my glasses day in and day out for work- In fact I now consider my glasses an extension of myself so I am always on the look out for stylish eye wear that suits my personality.

Last week while on set for a photo shoot at work I learned about Warby Parker eye wear and their many perks.

– Not only is this company reasonably priced to the extent it is almost unbelievable, their customer service is something to marvel.  The sites “Home Try On” option allows you to pick your top 5 pairs to be shipped to your home (free of charge) to try and compare for five days and at the end of your trial you simply ship them back on the house.  You can also use the “virtual try on” feature enabling you to upload am image of yourself to see how the frames will fit your face.

All the above perks aside the best part about this company? Their buy a pair give a pair promise.  Yes sir every pair purchased puts a pair of glasses in the hands of someone in desperate need of prescription eye wear in poverty stricken areas such as Africa and Latin America.

2. Purex Laundry Crystals

Being madly in love with the scent of fresh laundry from a young age causes one to sometimes obsess over new laundry products that carry with them an enjoyable added freshness.  Up until recently I thought tide with febreeze was the greatest invention since Downy but after a recent visit to Target I was introduced to yet another momentous introduction into the world of home laundering products.

These crystals are 92% natural and go in the wash right from the beginning- they can even be directly poured onto garments with no risk of fading or staining delicate fabrics.  These little guys pack a serious punch, keeping your laundry smelling “straight from the wash” fresh for up to two weeks-  it is safe to say here that I am hopelessly in love.  See the latest press and read more here.

3.  Go Toob travel bottles

Now that most major airlines charge you an arm and a leg to check a bag it is imperative for me to cram all necessary items in a carry on to avoid these fees when traveling for work.  Unfortunately, this is becoming a hassle for me  in terms of toiletries and all those fabulous products we take for granted in bottles larger than 3oz.  At first I was wary of travel bottles because I didn’t want to create waste but between my trip to the gym most mornings and the occasional business trip these particular travel bottles have proved most useful.

Made of soft silicone with an added suction cup these squeeze bottles are now an essential part of my travel.  Available in 3 different TSA regulated sizes ( 1.25 Oz/ 2 Oz/ 3Oz) these bottles can carry far more than the average shampoo.  Not only are they  BPA free but they have also been  deemed food safe by the FDA.