What I’m obsessed with this week

29 Aug

After a very long three weeks of work packed with brutally long hours and constant traveling it really does boil down to the little things that make you happy and keep you going ( taking Friday off at the last minute helps- just a little bit).

I can definitely attribute my sanity through recent treacherous work weeks to a small list of minor yet extraordinary objects- below are just a few new items I am in love with this week, hopefully one might inspire/propel you through a long, grueling day as well.

1. The Bodum Travel Press

Now that I have become accustomed to French Press coffee in the morning I have been repeatedly disappointed while at work with unsatisfying coffee.  This I find exceptionally amusing for a girl who since her time in Ireland consumed only instant coffee.  Discovering this little gem truly, as the kids say these days, rocked my world.  I have since purchased a back up ( just in case I leave mine at work and need an extra for the morning car ride.


2. Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes

Admittedly I have always had a not so secret love affair with bright colors in almost any form be it shoes, attire or home decor.   This latest little obsession though, surprises even me.  Avid recyclers alike will enjoy these cubes as much as I due to their overall environmentally friendly quality.  Easy to use, clean and enjoy – these cubes are a great way to spice up a dinner party or your average Tuesday night meal.


3. Customizable Wax Seals

For those who personally know me it is no mystery that I love to write and contrary to popular belief my love and often times arguably neurotic obsession with technology has in no way shape or form affected my traditional desire to hand write.  I will always cherish the feeling that comes over my body when I send or receive a hand written letter.  Truth be told if you add stationary into the mix my heart simply flutters- reason being why I am so fond of personalized wax seals.  21st century or not I am on a mission to keep the love letter alive- in its true ( form because that is  what my Nana would have wanted).

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