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Stylish Gadget of the Week

29 Jul

-Libratone Beat Wireless Stereo Speakers-
There is nothing in this world I love more than style and technology and when someone has the ability to flawlessly combine those two elements I am simply stunned, which more often than not leads to an impulse buy that, in the end, warms my heart. UK company Cancom has done just this with an array of their stunningly beautiful speaker designs.

Available in an array of colors the Libratone speaker rivals the sound of Bose and the beauty of the Mona Lisa and at 485 Euro it’s design is not the only similarity to fine art. Hefty price tag aside this is an eclectic addition to any modern home.

What I’m obsessed with this week.

18 Jul

For those of you who adamantly follow my blog, i.e. friends and family I apologize for my lengthy absence.  It is funny really — who would have thought working ten hour days constantly tweeting and updating statuses would create an adverse affect resulting in blogging being the absolute last thing I want to do when I get home at night.

In attempt to better manage my time outside of the office and satisfy all of your hunger for the latest fashion news delivered from yours truly I have set out to start a few weekly blogs- the first of which I have dubbed ” What I’m obsessed with this week”.

Working in the fashion industry has turned me on to so many trends that I feel the only way to truly enjoy them all is to share my knowledge.  So here we go.

1. Butter London Lacquer- This 3 free ( a fancy way to say “non-toxic”) Nail lacquer’s popularity is growing like wildfire and I am here to say it’s not just a bunch of puff.  This line’s cutting edge, fashion forward colors are winning over hearts the nation over and at only $14 a pop it is a love affair we can all afford.




2. Cute little gadgets-I stumbled upon this little guy while shopping for a desk drawer organizer and just couldn’t pass it up.  With all the technology available today it is easy to get wrapped up in a tangled cord mess- why not DEclutter your gadgets in the cutest way possible.  This guy is a great space saver and a steal at $14.99 by Kikkerland.

3. Sequin Loafers-I have always been one to admit my knees go weak for a little sparkle but these kicks genuinely knocked me off my feet. It is true they carry a striking resemblance to my beloved Christian Louboutins but at $120 these Steve Madden loafers are a dream come true.




4. Water with a kick- In recent months I have given up my normal soda intake, limiting my caffeinated beverages to coffee.  I soon came to discover that drinking solely water day in and day out becomes slightly drab on your taste buds and even bubbly water looses its appeal after a while.  Needless to say I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon this little concoction.    I am a real sucker for packaging and adorable container and great taste aside Mio Liquid Water enhancer trumps any other water flavoring product I have found.