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WHITE – The New Black

29 Apr

To many this color carries a sense of stigma in the fashion world.  White has always been exceptionally hard to pull off- that is, unless you live in Europe.  There it seems anyone and everyone can wear it (not saying I agree with this but if you can’t beat them join them right?).    I mean what is your problem white? And who started the infamous no white after Labor day rule anyway?

While the pearly white color may still be growing in the hearts of fashion followers the world over it has already taken the tech world by storm.  If you ask a truly devoted Macintosh nerd how Mac survived and thrived years ago during a time when PCs were rapidly growing in popularity and Bill Gates was on the track to becoming  uber rich, he would tell you it was their innovative approach to operating systems that saved them from doom.  Now I want to make it clear, being somewhat of a apple guru myself I don’t disagree but I do think there is more to it.

You see Mac made computers sexy.  Introducing a new, pure white color into the computer world other than boring old black and the occasional silver hadn’t been done since the dawn of the first computers in the 70s ( Which we all know were far from sexy).  The original white Macbook put apple back on the map and in my opinion was a major factor in the eponymous company’s rise and success.

Years later apple did it again by introducing the white iPhone 3G and yet again with the long anticipated second generation iPad.  And now, FINALLY just 10 months after the initial release date of the iPhone 4 Apple has released the long awaited, super sexy white iPhone 4!!!

Available online & in stores now.


iOS 4.3 The Greatest Update Yet

3 Apr

It is unfortunate that I am the only gal of all my friends that regularly updates my apple products.  In fact I just had a date night with a dear girl friend of mine the other night who confessed to me she took her phone in because it was acting up and running stone age slow.  She was asked immediately the last time it had been updated…. Oops.

Being the tech nerd that I indeed, admittedly am…. I am always eagerly awaiting the next update and in my opinion the folders and multitasking of update 4.0 were long over due.  When the last update hit the scene I was impressed with the airplay feature and air print but this latest update far exceeded my expectations, in fact I am still in a small state of shock and awe at the 4.3 version’s added features.  Let’s go through a running list in no particular order of complete awesomeness shall we.

In my opinion this is the second niftiest new feature inside the 4.3 update.  Now while at home on your LAN ( Local Area Network) you can enable home sharing in iTunes located on your main device and with the click of a button you have access to your COMPLETE iTunes library on any apple device i.e iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.  People this is just sheer brilliance! With the option to add password protection your iTunes library is now expanded to the highest level of personal use ever imagined. There is one catch- you can’t use home sharing for iTunes rentals 😦

Now most of you may not be as into this new added feature but as a new iPad owner myself I find it considerably intriguing.  The 4.3 update has turned what was once simply a “silence” button into a completely customizable tool for each individual user.  Just go into your iPad settings and choose your switch function- you can even lock you screen rotation if you want to stay in portrait or landscape.

We have now reached the single most incredible new feature packaged inside the latest update. Yes my friends it is true the iOS 4.3 update brings you 3G tethering  delivered directly to your wireless products from your iPhone4.  Finally the day has come and the best part, are you sitting down? It’s CHEAP baby. Your iPhone 4 now has the capacity to transform into a personal hotspot granting you password protected wifi access to up to 5 devices at a time- I have chills!  Just contact AT&T to pay the activation fee and get rolling.

So there you have it folks and for those of you who never update your phone I am begging you, pleading with you- get this latest update because it is the one we have all been waiting for.Enjoy!