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The Coolest Thing Since Electronic Monopoly…

17 Jan

A good friend of mine who I met in college had a very interesting annual family tradition.  Each year on Christmas my friend’s mother would give him a new game of monopoly.  Every year was generally a themed game board such as our Alma mater, the Vols or the Simpsons.  I remember one year distinctly due to the fact that is was the most advanced version of monopoly I had encountered in my lifetime.  The entire game was electronic- no cash at all.  Each player had a debit card and started with $1 million- my how times have changed.

I realize many of the latest technological advances that have emerged in the last few years make electronic monopoly look like child’s play- but every so often a simple, but brilliant new gadget comes along that changes our lives in such a big way.

Square is a new program available across several smart phone platforms including Apple products (iPhone, iTouch & iPad)  and Google Android products (Droid, Droid X, HTC and more).  Square up allows any individual to accept Credit/Debit card payments with no merchant account, monthly fees or hidden costs.

Perfect for those who have a start-up business, small business or friends who constantly forget their wallet- Square supplies you with a free card reader that plugs right into the headphone jack of your device.  Simply plug in the card reader, download the Square App and your good to go.

Square offers remarkably simple pricing.  They collect 2.75% +$.15 for each swiped transaction.  If using a debit card the customer simply enters their pin number to approve the transaction while credit card users use their finger to sign right on your device.  Once completed Square gives you the option to send a electronic receipt via email or even SMS.

Interested in Square? Simply visit the website or download the App and receive your free card reader in the mail.  What are you waiting for? Get swiping!