Stuff Your Stockings with Style: Simple & Silly Gifts

17 Dec

Christmas in my family is celebrated a bit differently than most.  My family is full of Right brained creative types so we tend to focus on the allure of stocking stuffing more than big gifts around the holidays.  There is something to be said about the the feeling one experiences in the middle of a wild search for goofy and sometimes outrageously  daffy gifts.

This year the market for slightly  stupid presents has rapidly expanded.  Stores of all genres now carry unique little trinkets and even devote entire sections to gifts available in affordable price ranges- Under $50 or $25 for example.

If you are in need of some inspiration for your stocking style this year hopefully a few of my funny finds may help you along the way.

Goofy band-aids

Sometimes everyday necessities with a twist make for perfect presents.  For instance “Mustache bandages” are ridiculous but hilarious.  And for only $7 they’re a steal.

For Mac Lovers

Sometimes the ideal gag gift presents itself and this year the perfect gift for all those geeky Mac lovers like myself has arrived.  Macintosh gurus worldwide will truly appreciate a set of “APP Magnets” .  What better way to poke fun at us than to mock our everyday lifeline.  These magnets are simply amazing. 

For the easily entertained

It’s true- some of us just never grow up and I am entirely guilty of holding on tight to my wild imagination and slightly immature tendencies.  For those of you out there who still enjoy a trip to Toys”R”Us it is my pleasure to introduce to you- The wonderful world of Temporary hand tattoos.   Easy to apply and remove the “monster” characters are a brilliantly simple form of spur of the moment entertainment.  These wildly fun, wash-off  tats double as hand puppets and are great for the kids & grownups in your life.

For the Music Lovers

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you wanted to listen to music out loud on your iPhone or iPod but didn’t have speakers? Well Bone Collection has patented a handy little device to ensure you are never trapped in this same pickle again.  Their portable amplifier for the iPhone has an attached horn and resembles and old school Victrola horn.  The amplifier is made of lightweight silicone and comes in funky colors.  And for $25 it is an affordable little thought for any occasion.


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