Even Manicures need Makeovers…..

7 Dec

Women ( and recently more & more men) have become seriously accustomed to pampering themselves bi-weekly with their routine mani + Pedi.  Women have always been expected, and arguably enjoy being 100% put together- it is true, we revel in the art of striving for perfection.  Over time having tidy and sleek nails has transformed from a necessary characteristic of our appearance to more of an accessory. Our nails are yet another optional area to show of our style.

Every month the whole family of fashion mags publish their hottest picks for Nail Polish and Celebs start trends with new and unusual colors each time they are photographed. It is clear the realm of nail art has merged with that of the fast-paced world of fashion; therefore new advances in nail polish methods and technology is a must to stay the least.

Last year I become obsessed with the “Minx” nail trend ( although I never actually got my mails “Minxed” admittedly- I’m a neutral kind of girl at heart and could never bring myself to put a Lace or leopard design on my digits).  This year though, I am completely infatuated with the latest introduction into nail polish by the industry leader,  OPI.  OPI has presented it’s new line of Soak off Gel Nail Polish, Axxium nail polish, which uses UV light to set the polish.

The benefits to gel polish versus regular old nail lacquers are impressive. Not only is the drying time practically cut in half due to the UV light- the “quick-dry” completely eliminates the possibility of dents of smudges.  I have lost track of the number of times I left the nail salon (after allowing my nails to dry well over ten minutes) and smudged my polish getting into my car of digging around in my handbag.  Moreover, gel polishes are less damaging to nails, last up to 3 weeks without chipping and the shine produced by gel polishes is brilliant.

Of course like Minx nails, gel polish will cost you a bit more than a regular manicure ( my salon offers a vast array of gel colors for $15 more). But, if you think about it the long lasting gel polish will save you a trip to the salon so it evens out; at least that’s how I justify it.


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