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Stuff Your Stockings with Style: Simple & Silly Gifts

17 Dec

Christmas in my family is celebrated a bit differently than most.  My family is full of Right brained creative types so we tend to focus on the allure of stocking stuffing more than big gifts around the holidays.  There is something to be said about the the feeling one experiences in the middle of a wild search for goofy and sometimes outrageously  daffy gifts.

This year the market for slightly  stupid presents has rapidly expanded.  Stores of all genres now carry unique little trinkets and even devote entire sections to gifts available in affordable price ranges- Under $50 or $25 for example.

If you are in need of some inspiration for your stocking style this year hopefully a few of my funny finds may help you along the way.

Goofy band-aids

Sometimes everyday necessities with a twist make for perfect presents.  For instance “Mustache bandages” are ridiculous but hilarious.  And for only $7 they’re a steal.

For Mac Lovers

Sometimes the ideal gag gift presents itself and this year the perfect gift for all those geeky Mac lovers like myself has arrived.  Macintosh gurus worldwide will truly appreciate a set of “APP Magnets” .  What better way to poke fun at us than to mock our everyday lifeline.  These magnets are simply amazing. 

For the easily entertained

It’s true- some of us just never grow up and I am entirely guilty of holding on tight to my wild imagination and slightly immature tendencies.  For those of you out there who still enjoy a trip to Toys”R”Us it is my pleasure to introduce to you- The wonderful world of Temporary hand tattoos.   Easy to apply and remove the “monster” characters are a brilliantly simple form of spur of the moment entertainment.  These wildly fun, wash-off  tats double as hand puppets and are great for the kids & grownups in your life.

For the Music Lovers

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you wanted to listen to music out loud on your iPhone or iPod but didn’t have speakers? Well Bone Collection has patented a handy little device to ensure you are never trapped in this same pickle again.  Their portable amplifier for the iPhone has an attached horn and resembles and old school Victrola horn.  The amplifier is made of lightweight silicone and comes in funky colors.  And for $25 it is an affordable little thought for any occasion.

Holiday Traveling Guide: A Girl’s Getaway Essentials

16 Dec

Yes, It’s that time of year again. Christmas is here and while we all scramble to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list we must not forget the important details.  For many of us spreading cheer this holiday season requires more than gift giving- travel takes up a major portion of our Christmas vacation.  And whether it’s across the state or the entire nation, we must prepare accordingly.

Amidst the present wrapping and dessert baking one must devote an adequate amount of time packing and organizing for the trip to the Grandparents’, in-laws’ or whichever family member you chose.  I realize the stress of preparing for the holidays can be daunting enough – before factoring in all the minor details…..So I have created a Holiday check list to keep you focused and efficient.

1. The Right overnight or weekender bag can make or break you trip this Christmas so be sure to do things right and pack all your holiday gear in a Longchamp “Le Pilage large” tote bag. Not only are these tote bags super  stylish but this particular line of Longchamp totes is made of lightweight waterproof canvas so they are easy to clean if necessary.

2. Checking your luggage is so last year.  Now essentially all airlines (with the exception of Southwest because they rock) charge up to $25 for each checked bag. Outrageous!  I say stick it to the airlines and work your carry on.  Be sure to stock up on conveniently portable travel sizes of all your toiletries.  Major brand names from big name makeup companies  to fancy shampoo and conditioner lines  now produce travel sizes.

Invest in a travel set for your hair and face- it’s worth the dough because it will last you a long time.

Bumble and Bumble produces travel sets for all their lines from thickening and curl conscious to Creme de Coco and all natural seaweed.  Major skincare brands now make convenient travel sets too.  Clinique offers cute travel sets for all the different combinations of their 3-step skincare system and it even comes with a travel bag.

3. Don’t throw out your usual routine. During the holiday season we are all guilty of letting a few rituals slide like our diet restrictions, hitting the gym or even our before bed skin routine.  Don’t  let the holiday madness through you off the path you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Download the FIND A GYM APP for your iPhone, iPod or iPad and locate a gym nearest you in seconds.

4. Don’t you dare show up to dinner wrinkly. That’s right I said it. You’re a big girl now, you have your own place, pay your own bills and found that faublous holiday cocktail dress- so why not invest in a small, portable steamer to help you stay stylishly starched.  First impressions are everything in this world so show up smiling and wrinkle free- trust me you’ll be glad you made the extra effort when you look through the photo album next year.

Even Manicures need Makeovers…..

7 Dec

Women ( and recently more & more men) have become seriously accustomed to pampering themselves bi-weekly with their routine mani + Pedi.  Women have always been expected, and arguably enjoy being 100% put together- it is true, we revel in the art of striving for perfection.  Over time having tidy and sleek nails has transformed from a necessary characteristic of our appearance to more of an accessory. Our nails are yet another optional area to show of our style.

Every month the whole family of fashion mags publish their hottest picks for Nail Polish and Celebs start trends with new and unusual colors each time they are photographed. It is clear the realm of nail art has merged with that of the fast-paced world of fashion; therefore new advances in nail polish methods and technology is a must to stay the least.

Last year I become obsessed with the “Minx” nail trend ( although I never actually got my mails “Minxed” admittedly- I’m a neutral kind of girl at heart and could never bring myself to put a Lace or leopard design on my digits).  This year though, I am completely infatuated with the latest introduction into nail polish by the industry leader,  OPI.  OPI has presented it’s new line of Soak off Gel Nail Polish, Axxium nail polish, which uses UV light to set the polish.

The benefits to gel polish versus regular old nail lacquers are impressive. Not only is the drying time practically cut in half due to the UV light- the “quick-dry” completely eliminates the possibility of dents of smudges.  I have lost track of the number of times I left the nail salon (after allowing my nails to dry well over ten minutes) and smudged my polish getting into my car of digging around in my handbag.  Moreover, gel polishes are less damaging to nails, last up to 3 weeks without chipping and the shine produced by gel polishes is brilliant.

Of course like Minx nails, gel polish will cost you a bit more than a regular manicure ( my salon offers a vast array of gel colors for $15 more). But, if you think about it the long lasting gel polish will save you a trip to the salon so it evens out; at least that’s how I justify it.