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The Art of Threading

2 Nov

Threading, the ancient method of hair removal which originated in both India and the Far/Middle East has become widely popular in Western Countries in recent years .  Not only is this technique relatively inexpensive compared to facial waxing, it is also less harmful to the skin- by gently removing hair versus peeling away and irritating top layers of skin.

Although you have the option of threading all areas of the face including but not limited to: chin, forehead and the upper lip- threading is essentially the practice of “shaping” the eyebrow using cotton thread. The thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin, removing those hairs that are intertwined within the thread.  Threading your eyebrows is a better alternative to other methods for several reasons.  Unlike with tweezers or plucking, threading removes one clean, precise line of hair all at once.  Threading is less abrasive towards the skin and is ideal for those with sensitive skin or undergoing an acne treatment such as Retin-A or accutane.

Fortunately as the word spreads about threading more salons are opening. My favorite and most trusted chain, Ziba Beauty is a leading threading chain here in California.  They have flexible hours, convenient locations and they are very friendly on your wallet- an eyebrow threading session costs just $11 versus a $20 wax at an “OK” salon.

I encourage you to visit Yelp and search for a threading salon near you. Go ahead- change your entire eyebrow experience as you know it, and for less cash and better, longer-lasting results you won’t be disappointed.