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Top Tech Toys: What, Where & Why to Buy.

22 Oct

In 2001 two historic events occurred in my life- I started High School and I bought my first iPod.  In the last nine years the iPod as it was introduced on October 23, 2001 has given birth to over nine generations of the iPod classic in addition to introducing the world to the iPod shuffle, the iPod mini and most recent of them all, the iPod touch.  But the iPod and other mp3 players was just the beginning.

We as a society have become accustomed to the “downloadable” and the portable. The invention of the internet ripped everything from the page- transforming paper to screen.  It was only a matter of time that technology truly change the world of literature and electronic readers have done just that.  Other tech tools such as the iPad and Blackberry’s latest en devour the PlayBook, both feature electronic reading as an option but also provide users with much more- like WiFi, apps, email etc.

ith so many options to choose from how do we even begin to decide which product is right for us? Well hopefully a little bit of info on today’s top tech toys might help you to make the right decision.


photo courtesy of Tech Trends The iPad is essentially Apple’s tablet computer.  Available with either WiFi or   WiFi +3G ( on At&t now and Verizon October 28) the iPad gives you access to surf the web, edit photos, check your email, play with apps and read entire books on a 9.7 inch (diagonal) wide screen.

BlackBerry PlayBook

The playbook is the portable tablet PC for all you Windows lovers (I say this with extreme sarcasm).  The Playbook, which is set to release in early 2011 will feature multitasking, web surfing and all the bells and whistles you would expect.  And as much as it pains me to say it there is one specific feature on the tablet the iPad simply can’t compete with- that’s right, a freaking camera!  And not just any plain old camera, it also shoots HD video and is compatible for video conferencing.


For those of us who simply love to read and like the convenience and ability to carry 3,500 books at all times the Kindle is your best bet.  Now available with WiFi and even 3G the Amazon Kindle is a book worm’s dream.  And with book prices as low as $9.99 its not only lighter than a paperback but possibly even cheaper.





Who would have thought that Plasma and LCD TVs, HDTV and TV screens less than 1″ wide would be merely a precursor to an even more brilliant invention in television- mobile television.  It’s one thing to rent or buy TV shows to watch on your phone through iTunes but live television? Ever wished you could just catch the game on the train ride home instead of waiting to watch in on your DVR? Well now you can thank to FLO TV.  Provided through our nation’s top two cell phone carriers Verizon and AT&T, you can add unlimited FLO usage to your mobile phone for less than ten bucks a month.