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Introducing…… The Next Big Thing in Fashion

21 Oct

Being a huge fan of fashion I tend to take notice when people begin to place their mark on this industry. Fashion can indeed be a brutal world and I have always admired and respected those who have the courage to face it.

As a creative person I am filled with excitement when I see someone reaching for the stars and striving to achieve their passion and a dear friend of mine, Van Hoang is doing just that. Upon her completion of a fashion degree from O’More College of Design she set out to make her dreams a reality.  Her clothing line simply deemed “Van Hoang” captures an essence of an audible beauty only rivaled by the charming yet captivating minimalism of her designs.  

Van couldn’t have said it better when she told to me “Fashion is always evolving, so new things are happening all the time”.  Fashion is indeed a constantly changing and developing industry.  Having discovered her passion for women’s apparel at an early age her desire to design emerged long before shows like Project Runway even existed.  Van herself admits that as a girl she supposed she just thought “clothes in stores appeared on the racks like magic”.  Now that Van has spent quite some time putting her whole life into her work she is more than aware of the blood, sweat and tears that go into each piece of a clothing line.

Van proclaims most of her inspiration comes from novels and fabrics.  She has a slight obsession with eras of our past and evaluates the details and work that clothing of those times so brilliantly displayed. Van says she is inspired by the fabrics themselves first and those specific textiles and/or prints cause her imagination to run wild- calculating what she can do with them or how she might use them in a collection.

Having been so interested in art at such a young age, Van states she originally thought she would be an artist and has always been interested in partaking in something creative and challenging but admittedly didn’t initially think she could make a career for herself out of her clothing design dreams.  The talented designer once told me she wanted to design wedding dresses, now she realizes she wanted to do this merely because wedding dresses are pretty, but is now fully aware of just how beautiful any item of clothing can be whether its a loose flowing  blouse or a elegant gown.

When I spoke with Van about a designer she found to be most inspirational to her own work she said of course Alexander Wang because he is a young, hip designer like herself who pushes boundaries and his innovative designs are the definition of fashion forward.  She also loves Marc Jacobs for his “outside of the box” approach to design- “he makes you want to be his muse, the very girl he designed that item for”.  But at this moment in time Van says she is absolutely in love with Alabama Chanin because everything she designs is homemade, stitch by stitch by local artisans- nothing is outsourced or factory manufactured.

So there you have it.  I introduce to you the next biggest thing in fashion since Chanel invented the little black dress.  Van Hoang has arrived and she is going to take this industry by storm so remember her name and wear her clothes.  Years from now this blog will be history because Van made it so.

To see more of Van’s designs and keep up to date on her events you can visit her official website.