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New & Noteworthy Apps

20 Oct

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I must admit that my Spring cleaning this year consisted of not only a few trips to Goodwill and Buffalo exchange but also, sadly, a few visits to iTunes. You see having been an iPhone user since the dawn of the iPhone age I had acquired a hefty collection of useless (although entertaining) apps. In my attempt to “de-clutter” my life I decided it was time to weed out a good chunk of my ten pages of apps.

Now thanks to the iOS4 software I can organize and categorize my fave apps in folders- resulting in only 3 pages of apps to date. In my recent search for new and noteworthy iPhone apps I stumbled upon a few that fell under the fashion and beauty category that no girl should leave the house without and here’s why.

Sephora to Go

picture courtesy of the iTunes store and sephora to go appThis app is spectacular for so many reasons. it truly is everything you adore about Sephora made available to you on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With Sephora to go you can keep up with the latest product launches, browse & purchase products, access your beauty insider account and even create shopping lists. It even uses GPS to provide you with an instant store locator option so you can find your favorite lipstick or buy a backup mascara when your in a pinch.

courtesy of iTunes and Sephora to go app


photo courtesy of iTunes and Lancome The Lancome app gives you a front row seat for a whole new virtual make-up experience. Whether you want the help of the experts through video “how to” tutorials of wish to read up on the latest beauty tips and advice this app is perfect to help you accomplish just that.


photo courtesy of iTunes and H&MThis interactive app released by international fast fashion retailer H&M grants you access to the latest fashion campaign and even news directly from H&M. Browse their newest collections and share with pals via email or


photo courtesy of iTunes and Haute LookFor those of you who aren’t familiar with HauteLook listen up! HauteLook is a members only website that features 24-hour long sales on a vast array of designer merchandise from women’s and men’s fashions to accessories, beauty and home/services (You can even order cheese online). Now you have full access to the website, assuming you have obtained a membership at your fingertips.


photo courtesy of iTunes and Dior appThis app is admittedly my favorite of those featured thus far. This app opens a door into the world that is Dior- granting front row access to the latest runway shows, backstage events and much more. You can also browse a list of Dior couture boutiques and the latest ad campaigns.