Release Your Inner Haute Hippie: Skip a Shampoo or Two ..

19 Oct

I am aware most of you think not washing your hair each and every day is gross and although the haircare industry would love for you to think it is absolutely necessary to wash your hair on a daily basis- I’m here to tell you not only is it not a necessity, it’s actually better for your hair if you don’t. Yes, I said it and it’s true, skipping a shampoo or two every now and again can actually significantly improve your hair’s overall health. Fine if you don’t believe me see what the experts have to say about it.

A Few Reasons to Shun your Shampoo (In no particular order)

~You’ll have more control. Yes mam, believe it or not a little extra oil and leftover product can work wonders for your mane. The longer you leave your hair be the more weight you add- thus creating calmer, more controlled locks.

~ Perserve your color. Even if you are using swank designer shampoos and conditioners the act of washing your hair strips the hair of color and fades with each application.

~ It’s better for the enviorment. Less clean means more green and by not washing your hair as often you are not only saving water you are also not washing toxins into the sewer systems and furthermore into our oceans.

~Finally, hair will be healthier. Our scalps naturally produce oils which strangthen our hair and make it stronger. By allowing enough time for these oils to be absrobed and penetrate- the result is strong, shiny healthy hair. When we wash our hair everyday we are washing away those oils and moreover, key nourishment.

One Response to “Release Your Inner Haute Hippie: Skip a Shampoo or Two ..”

  1. Gerry at 5:57 PM #

    Great article!! I don’t have too much hair (for a dude), but yeah it feels healthier when I skip the shampoo

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