Posh Polish & Fantastic Fingers: Colors to Try Now

18 Oct

Fall isn’t on the way out just yet so there is still plenty of time to embrace the cool, warm, luscious hues of this season.  This fall polish trends are getting warmer as the weather grows colder.  I love fall for multiple reasons- the main being fall flavored lattes at Starbucks but a few others include:  scarves, boots, pea coats and most importantly – gray nail polish (my personal favorite @ the moment “Chincilly” by Essie).

If you happen to have a wild side, OPI might just be up your alley this fall.  Their saucy collections produce fun new tints each month and their latest introduction, “Burlesque” is simply divine.  The feature film inspired series boasts bright, vibrant show stoppers and lots of glitter. With names like EXTRA-VA-GANZA, THE SHOW MUST GO ON and LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU (which I happen to be wearing right now) just sporting these spicy shades guarantee you are in for a good time.

If you are anything like me when you walk into your neighborhood nail salon you approach the wall of polish with apprehension.  It doesn’t matter if I have a specific shade in mind or if I brought in my own polish- that wall stocked full of this season’s latest and hottest polish presents me with endless possibilities and I become slightly overwhelmed and often struck with a serious case of indecisiveness.

If this sounds familiar than I have a treat for you.  Like always that little miracle gadget often referred to as the iPhone has come to my rescue yet again. Established polish brand OPI recently introduced their iPhone app and all I can say is WOW!

photo Courtesy of iTunes App store

This interactive polish studio not only databases the latest color collections by OPI in their entirety, it even allows you to adjust the skin tone and nail length to closely match your own hands. 

I despise going into nail salons and really liking a color but hating it once it’s on my nails but thanks to this app I will never have to experience that again.

Now that you have inspiration for your next manicure, go ahead- be bold, be brave and embrace all the fabulous color options fall has in store for you this season, you deserve it.


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