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Face It: A debate on skincare

16 Oct

In this day and age our exposure to skincare brands and lines can be compared to our daily overexposure to advertisements. The average person saw 3,000 ads in a single day (in 1997) do you even want to know what the number is this year?

When it comes to skincare all the details we face can be a bit, well frighting. Are you an oily skin person? A sensitive skin person? A dry skin person? Or my personal  favorite a combination skin person? And the “skin type”- that’s just the beginning.

Now we are bombarded with skin issues and solutions involving sun damage, color correctors, firming lotions, dark spot erasers, visible pores and lets not forget the originals: good ol’ signs of aging and obnoxious acne.

So by now you might have nailed down your skin type and your individual issues but have you even begun to think about what to use, how to use it or where to buy it? Well breathe and relax.  Let me lend a helping hand and show you some of my favorite products at the moment. I’ll even compare prices for you.Up first: Cleansers

I have normal/oily skin so I tend to use as many oil-free products as possible. I have found my favorite cleaner thus far to be a product by Murad (Binge). The Essential-C cleanser washes away daily impurities and quenches your skin with Vitamins A,C &E.  At $43.50 the price isn’t half bad either and the citrus scent is invigorating. If your looking for more of a bargain I would suggest Clean&Clear Morning Burst cleanser (Bargain). This gel cleanser uses Vitamin C and ginseng, it also packs the citrus scent and only costs $6.49. 

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Step 2: Exfoliating Scrubs

Exfoliating scrubs have recently become my new best friend.  All my oil is in my T-zone meaning I fight a serious battle with blackheads in this area.  Since I can’t afford a facial every single month I searched long and hard for a product that would effectively act as an “at-home facial” and boy did I find what I was looking for in a product produced by the Kate Somerville line.  “Exfolikate” (Binge) is a dual action, all natural,  exfoliating treatment that battles both acne and blackheads with ease.  Unfortunately this one is a bit pricey, $85.  If you want a more budget friendly alternative might I suggest Clinique’s “Exfoliating Scrub” (Bargain).  This scrub unclogs pores and removes dead skin for $18.







Step 3 Moisturize:

I feel the best advice anyone could receive in regard to moisturizers is to always, always, always use an oil-free moisturizer on your face.  The only way this could get any better is if you could kill two birds with one stone and add SPF into the mix as well.  Right now I am absolutely in love with a moisturizer by Kate Somerville.   “Nourish” (binge) not only moisturizes and rejuvenates skin it also fights the signs of aging and has the most intoxicating lavender scent              (also available in oil-free) .  But at $65 its not exactly the most realistic product to recommend.   So for the (bargain) side of things might I propose using an Oil-free Moisturizer with SPF 35 by Neutrogena for only $10.99.













And finally, Serious Serums

As I’ve become older I am much more concerned with certain aspects of my skin, for instance aging and GIANT pores. I’ve tried what seems like every cleanser, toner, scrub and mask under the sun and nothing has ever really satisfied, that is until now.  I was recently introduced to a Pore Minimizing serum by Clinique that I would marry if it were legal. And at a pocket friendly price of $17.50 I’d classify the Pore Minimizing Instant Perfecter a serious steal.