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Fabulous Fall Finds: “Must Haves” to Help You Stay Flawless

14 Oct

There’s an old saying that can be applied to the fickle changing trends of fashion that reads “Out with the old and in with the new”- so keep up sister. I know, I know following THIS season’s hottest trends can really stress a girl out ( not to mention her wallet). But I’m here to tell you there are a few key essentials one must carry religiously- and if you do, not only will you be fashion forward, you’ll be organized and fabulous.

~Are you ready to be fierce this fall? Make sure you’re always armed with the right stuff and baby you’ll be unstoppable.~

Louis Vuitton Agenda

Make a mark on your calendar and your boss.  Stay on top of all your meetings, appointments and social outings while filling all of  your co-workers with envy for  your lusciously vibrant couture agenda.

Burt’s Bees

Never surrender to chapped lips. With cold weather approaching fast be prepared and keep that kisser soft and supple.   Use Burt’s to prep and prime for a radiant ultra gloss like Dior Addict.



Hobo Wallets

Here’s a tip. Want a gorgeous new handbag for fall but just can’t afford it? The best way to switch up your accessories without breaking the bank- get a new Hobo.  These wallets are super chic with a side of convenience. Not only are they available in a vast array of hues each season but they live a double life- wallet by day/clutch by night.

Roll On- Portable Perfumes

Ever get tired of the same old day-to-day scent routine? Not everyone can afford to own a massive collection of perfume but now some of your favorite brands are making it easier to add an assortment of  the latest aromas to your repertoire.  These Roll-ons are perfect for your handbag and cost only $20-$25.

Latest Literature

You never know when your going to miss your train, get stuck in traffic or get to take an extra long lunch break so rather than glue your eyeballs to your iPhone or Blackberry screen whip out a literary treasure to expand your mind and stimulate your senses.  Bad-ass career woman Kelly Cutrone’s novel “If you have to cry go outside” is my latest guilty pleasure. Check it out- you’re in for a good laugh and hey, maybe even a little work advice.

Colgate Wisps

For those of us who have become accustomed to getting looks in the work bathroom for brushing our teeth after lunch Colgate has finally come to our rescue.  These one-time-use brushes come equipped with a “just right” size of your toothpaste of choice.  Whether you ate garlic at lunch or are heading off to happy hour straight after work these little guys pack a powerful teeth cleaning punch.  I recommend never leaving the house without them.