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iPhone4- New Design, New Features, New Problems

1 Jul

Just a short week ago I found myself lining up outside an Apple Retail Store the night before the “official” launch of apple’s greatly anticipated iPhone4.  Like hundreds of thousands of other “early adopters”- as they call us nerds who have to have the newest and latest tech gadgets- I set up camp on the sidewalk outside of a nearby shopping  mall and waited patiently for 7am to come, when my hands would be around the hottest and latest toy from apple.

Fortunately for Apple this launch has been unprecedented, the demand for pre-ordered iPhones was so massive it even crashed their network.  Unfortunately though, the hype and excitement soon died within hours after the first 270,000 phones were purchased.

Initially I thought to myself,  maybe it was just my phone.  Then I placed the blame on the already ridiculed and in my opinion, pathetic service of AT&T.  But after several days I became painfully aware that my problems were much bigger than I thought.  You see the new iPhone NEVER has service.  I have been dropping calls in the first 30 seconds since I bought my phone a week ago.  And whats worse? Applecare has been receiving so many complaints that they have refused to honor warranties for the new phones if they are experiencing “this particular issue”. Um hello the whole nation is experiencing this “particular” issue.  Oh and by the way for those of you who haven’t read Apple’s response I am here to inform you that you are simply holding the phone wrong.  Yes that’s correct the company made a public statement that reception is only bad when the phone is held improperly.

In the heat of my frustration I hit the web to read up on what everyone had to say and I was shocked when I stumbled across a CNET article on the subject.  It seems two angry iPhone customers are filing a class action law suit against apple in regard to the horrible reception problems, hilarious I know but not the best part of the article.   Mentioned toward the end of the article, an iPhone4 owner responded to an interview with Steve Jobs, Co-founder or Apple and Pixar about the issue in question and what did jobs say?  “Just don’t hold it that way”.

Well Steve, as a Macintosh enthusiast and “groupie” I am here to tell you I didn’t wait 12 hours outside with over 1,000 strangers- nor did i sleep on concrete to pay half a grand for a phone I can only hold one way or is doesn’t work!