Archive | June, 2010

Savor the Flavor

23 Jun

With the first official day of summer behind us it is time to hit the beach and what better way to beat the heat than with an icy cool treat, right? I am newly obsessed with flavored ice cubes, my new summer savior. I recently discovered Shivers lime ice cubes in my local grocery aisle and now I can’t imagine my afternoon diet coke without it.
Shivers company uses all natural flavors and offers lime, lemon and orange.

Trying to save money for a pair of Louboutins like me? Make your own flavor creations at home with a few drops of your fave juice in each ice cube tray.
Hooray for summer!

Give me some skin…….

22 Jun

With the official release of the latest iPhone edition just days away I felt there is no better time than the present to share a tech savvy secret of mine I’ve been using for some time now to add personal flare and flavor to my gadgets.  We’ve all seen and heard of “skins” for our electronics but this website takes the once B-L-A-Z-A-Y skin covers to an entirely new level.  Offering a plethora of unique and eccentric designs for all your gadgets, provides an inexpensive way to express oneself whilst adding even more pizazz to your latest tech toys.

Schitckers can transform practically any electronic accessory from laptops of all brands, shapes & sizes to iPods of multiple generations, and even iPads.  On the site you have the option of picking an already designed skin or creating your own using any imaginable combination of colors, pictures or text, you can even upload your own artwork.

Fast Fashion & Frugal Fashionistas

9 Jun

These days looking fab for less has become a way of life.  Before recently keeping up with the fast-paced, constantly evolving world of fashion was hard enough, let alone making a substantial amount of dough to support our shopping habits! But now various “Fast Fashion” retail companies are making waves in the apparel retail sector.  Affordable and adorable Spanish retailer Zara has really hit the nail on the head and as a result find themselves at the top of a very small list of retail chain stores who are repeatedly reporting quarterly profits in this tough economic situation.

With retail stores worldwide Zara has added Los Angeles to its location list with a massive store in the Grove and on Hollywood Blvd.  Providing several clothing lines for women which cover everything from gym attire to work and casual in addition to mens’ and childrens’ wear Zara has it all covered.  And unlike other fast fashion competitors like H&M or Forever 21 Zara clothing boasts a design and construction quality that far surpasses the rest.  So thank you Zara for keeping are closets and wallets full one season to the next.