It’s ALIVE! Polaroid Gives Birth To A New Generation.

29 Apr

After two decades of silence and a few less-than-noteworthy comeback attempts Polaroid and its instant film empire has made a resurgence and look out world because the New PIC300 is ready to make a flash.  There is an unexplainable feeling that one gets when taking part in that point-shoot-wait action associated with instant film we all knew and loved.  Whats more to love about the latest Polaroid Product- its price.  Retailing for $90 ( film costs $10 for a ten-pack) the PIC300 is an affordable “tech toy” and speaking of toy lets talk about the exterior.  Its bright,  candy colored plastic body seems to be aimed at a younger market and the film is a slight letdown.  I will admit I teared up a bit to learn that Polaroid tweaked the size of the film-the print is 2.1 x 3.4-inches (with a 1.8 x 2.4-inch image) versus the old 3.5 x 4.25 (3 x 3.1 image size).  But have no fear the big fat white border at the bottom of the original photos remains.

Although Polaroid made a significant mark on my childhood I am not sure I am convinced. It was Christmas Eve some years ago that I was given my first Polaroid Camera as a present from my aunt, I believe it was Xmas 93′ and I would have been around eight years old.  The joy and excitement of an instant picture that I had captured myself was almost too much to bare.  A few years later Polaroid released the iZone camera in 1999 and boy did I have to have one.  It came in so many cool colors, was long, lean and produced instant pictures on sticker film. It was  a pre-teen dream!

Years later as an adult there seems to be some kind of injustice involving not being able to have those pictures at your fingertips i.e. on your laptop, camera and ipod.  And is reliving a childhood fantasy worth sacrificing your ability to make copies of the alleged photo?  Product capabilities aside, Welcome back Polaroid. We’ve missed you.


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