The Great Jelly Comeback

18 Apr

For those of us 90s kids out there who are all grown up- Major designers are giving us a real treat this spring by bringing back the iconic jelly sandal.  Fortunately, the 21st century version of the “Jelly” is versatile and bright leaving us the option yet again to snatch up every color and style known to man just as we did when we were twelve.  Unlike the short-lived attempt at reviving the jelly a few years ago in 2008, this Spring 2010 trend is making a huge impact due to the fact that major designers have joined in on the jelly revolution. From cherry red Givenchy jelly gladiators to Jimmy Choo jelly thongs this century’s jelly shoe has a whole knew personality.

Beside the obvious perk of being at the lower end of most designer brands’ price points ( Tory Burch’s “Reva” jelly flat retails for $98.00)- if you get them dirty, just rinse them off! Head to your nearest department store ( Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and more) to pick up your perfect jelly.

Designer Brands with Jelly Shoes this spring:

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Juicy Couture


Tory Burch


Jimmy Choo

And more…….


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