5 Simple Ways to Get Clean and Go GREEN

9 Apr

5.  Lather up with Burt’s Bees Shampoos: All natural, non-toxic and biodegradable  ingredients are the key to every shampoo and conditioner made by Burt’s Bees.  Incorporating ingredients like antioxidant rich pomegranate and good amino acids in soy protein all natural shampoos and conditioners like these keep your hair and the planet healthy.  Burt’s Bees provides products for fine hair, color treated hair, dry hair you name it.  Making    the switch to a natural and organic shampoo is easy on your mane and your wallet.  A few other great brands offering Eco-friendly alternatives are Aveda, Alba and Organix.

4. Rub-a-dub-dub with one of Dr. Bronner’s “Magic all in one soaps”.  Offered in both liquid and bar form these soaps are my absolute fave!  I was given my first bottle of Dr. Bronner’s in my stocking one year to take on a backpacking trip and it has been a vital part of my hygiene repertoire ever since.  These vegetable-based fair trade soaps come in over 8 scents such as Citrus and Lavender (Peppermint is the best!! It leaves you feeling all clean and tingly).  And now Dr.Bronner’s offers much more in organic body care than just soaps.  New products include Lotions, Shave gels, lip and body balms and more.

3. Brush Those pearly whites with Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.  With lots of variety and guaranteed naturally sourced ingredients these organic toothpastes are effective products utilizing ingredients that are gentle on both your body and the earth.  Like other name brand toothpastes Tom’s offers anti-cavity, whitening, sensitive, anti-plaque and even fluoride free for our little guys.   Tom’s prides itself on not using any artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives.  If we refuse to eat food products with all of those then how can we justify brushing our teeth with them?

2. Give your BO some all natural DO.  Toxin and alcohol free deodorant used to just be for hippies and treehuggers right?  Well know with all the horror stories of people being poisoned by their deodorant there is no better time than the present to jump on the organic deodorant band wagon and trust me, as a user myself they work exactly the same, if not better. There are many brands available but the best in my opinion which was introduced to me by someone special is the “No Offense” alcohol free deodorant by Origins.  It is light yet effective and has a fresh, clean scent.

1. Pamper those pointers with a environmentally healthy Nail polish remover.    Manicures have become a necessity for women these day and I for one am guilty.  Nail polish has become the new easy and fun way to accessorize any outfit and wear this season’s hottest colors but all those polish changes are not only rough on your nails but mother earth too.  Most polish removers use a harsh chemical known as Acetone.  In recent years companies have fought chemical complaints by producing Acetone free removers but even these still contain ingredients that are toxic to our planet.  A fabulous Eco-chic brand, Peacekeeper Cause-Metics has a Eco-easy nail polish remover that gets the job done Hun.  This stuff is fantastic- gets right to work without that horrible acidic smell.


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