To Minx or not to Minx?

24 Mar

I am always looking for something fresh, new and even a bit wild in the worlds of fashion and beauty but even I will admit the Minx trend is a bit out there- in a fabulous way of course.  I mean heat transferred nail décor? Being a nail biter myself until just a little bit over a year ago I was not accustomed to nail files, cuticle trimmers or nail polish.  Sure I took part in my fair share of spa pedis but fingernail maintenance was never really a vital part of my upkeep.  As you can imagine the moment I kicked my bad habit and realized I had nails I was slightly distraught.  After several failed attempts to do my own nails I caved and visited a nail spa for a manicure and from that moment on I was hooked.

Now a manicure is a must for me every other week and I now know the stressful ordeals we women go through when you get an unsatisfactory polish job, when you spend way too much mullah or worst of all when you leave the salon and realize you’ve already chipped a nail- nightmare!

So I suppose the real question here is what the hell are Minx nails and are they that much better than a manicure?  I am here to tell you they are indeed the bomb- but I will let you decide for yourself.

-Minx nails are not polish so they aren’t painted on.  They are a light film that is heat transferred to your nail.

-Minx nails are a licensed product so you can’t do them at home- you have to visit a salon with a Minx professional to “Minx” your nails.

-The film doesn’t chip and if it starts to bubble after a week or so you can just add heat to it by putting it under a lamp or even warm water and smooth it back down.

-Minx nails come in a vast array of colors, designs and metallic shines.


One Response to “To Minx or not to Minx?”

  1. Sherri Turner April 17, 2010 at 12:09 AM #

    You Minx you!

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