Spring Trend Alert- Flower Power is back with a Vengeance

3 Mar

We all fell in love with the fabulous floppy fabric flower pins Sarah Jessica Parker made famous on the Sex and the City series just a few years ago and I am sure we will all gladly welcome it back this fast approaching spring season. The now iconic brooch has earned itself a spot in the essential wardrobe piece category- rightfully so seeing as how simply pinning one on a blouse or blazer can instantly create a subtle and dainty result or an eye-catching dramatic effect.

High-end designers the likes of Chanel and Givenchy produced timeless brooches over five decades ago that are still in style today. These timeless, Mother Nature inspired accessories have been re-engineered and reintroduced into the fashion world time and time again. For this spring season, my advice to you, get a few brooches you can rely on and reuse from one season to the next. Place them in your hair, on your blouse or even your handbag. Trust me, this is a trend that will keep reappearing so get shopping.

A tip in color chips: this season is all about an evolution of your average pink, from rose to crimson.


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