The Monarch of all Monograms

2 Mar

Photo taken from LV website

I will admit I was never a big fan of monograms growing up but as I got older I jumped on the band wagon and took pride in plastering my initials on items the likes of  bathroom towels and wine glasses to beach bags and backpacks.  In attempt to vamp up their already impressive brand loyalty iconic French handbag and luggage label Louis Vuitton is getting personal.  LV has created a brand spanking new website dedicated to making your favorite  products more your own through various methods of personalization including adding Monogrammed Initials and stripes that are your choice of either hot stamped or hand painted.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton Official websiteThrough the Mon Monogram website you can choose from the popular Speedy bag, the Keepall travel bag and the fabulous Pegase wheeled suitcase.  With four different stripe positions you can create a unique combination to call your own that will never go out of style and with over 200 million color and stripe combinations possible the sky is the limit.  LV promises their advanced technology will create a personal feel that will last the lifetime of your bag and age just as beautifully- and arrive on your doorstep in less than 8 weeks!

One Response to “The Monarch of all Monograms”

  1. Lindsey at 2:39 PM #

    I don’t know how I feel about mon monogram! What do you think? Would you ever take your keepall or speedy back to get it done? I think it looks kind of tacky personally….but I’m going to get my conceal carry permit next month and I think I’m getting a pink gun for graduation from my Dad! I want to contact LV to specially make a Damier gun case for me…. 😉

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