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To Minx or not to Minx?

24 Mar

I am always looking for something fresh, new and even a bit wild in the worlds of fashion and beauty but even I will admit the Minx trend is a bit out there- in a fabulous way of course.  I mean heat transferred nail décor? Being a nail biter myself until just a little bit over a year ago I was not accustomed to nail files, cuticle trimmers or nail polish.  Sure I took part in my fair share of spa pedis but fingernail maintenance was never really a vital part of my upkeep.  As you can imagine the moment I kicked my bad habit and realized I had nails I was slightly distraught.  After several failed attempts to do my own nails I caved and visited a nail spa for a manicure and from that moment on I was hooked.

Now a manicure is a must for me every other week and I now know the stressful ordeals we women go through when you get an unsatisfactory polish job, when you spend way too much mullah or worst of all when you leave the salon and realize you’ve already chipped a nail- nightmare!

So I suppose the real question here is what the hell are Minx nails and are they that much better than a manicure?  I am here to tell you they are indeed the bomb- but I will let you decide for yourself.

-Minx nails are not polish so they aren’t painted on.  They are a light film that is heat transferred to your nail.

-Minx nails are a licensed product so you can’t do them at home- you have to visit a salon with a Minx professional to “Minx” your nails.

-The film doesn’t chip and if it starts to bubble after a week or so you can just add heat to it by putting it under a lamp or even warm water and smooth it back down.

-Minx nails come in a vast array of colors, designs and metallic shines.

Liberty of London for Target

15 Mar

courtesy of Target.comBritish Art and design innovator Liberty of London has ventured over seas to the Americas for the first time since its debut in the late 17th century. Founder of the legacy Arthur Liberty was a pioneering and creative businessman who saw massive potential in ornaments, fabric and art from all over the world. In 1875 Liberty set out on a quest to find exotic treasures and stylish pieces to bring home to the United Kingdom for his clientele. From the early beginnings of the “Eastern Bazaar” basement filled with exquisitely foreign home décor riches to the opening of the costume department into the Regent Street store in 1884 under the supervision of distinguished architect, Edward William Godwin- Liberty has become a household name in the U.K.
Fast-forward four centuries and Liberty of London is the leading destination store in London and a magnificent emporium offering the latest fashions from around the globe mixed with design classics of the eras. Now, for the first time ever Liberty of London shares its stunning merchandise with Americans through a limited time partnership with Target stores across the US. Liberty of London for Target showcases bold patterns and designs at brilliant prices. The stateside products range from bedding, kitchen and other home décor to apparel for men, women and children in addition to home and garden and even one of a kind bicycles perfect for the spring/summer season.
Liberty of London for Target has a wide rage of fabulously bold prints that are an essential part of spring style. Here are a few of the exclusive Target prints.
courtesy of courtesy of courtesy of

And The Oscar goes to………

8 Mar

Last night the world watched closely, anxiously awaiting the winner of Best Picture alongside many other prestigious academy titles.   Stand-up’s Monique took home a much-deserved Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, my girl Sandra Bullock locked in the title of Best Actress for her heart warming and theatrically brilliant performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side, but the most anticipated sealed envelope of the night revealed Kathryn Bigelow, director of the “Hurt Locker” was the first female ever to be honored as Best Director.  The Hurt Locker was also awarded best picture of the year over the biggest grossing film of all time “Avatar”.Movied directed by winner of Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow

Taking home the gold Oscar is indeed a once in a lifetime achievement as they say but there are many of us like myself who look forward to the Academy Awards all year for the Red Carpet- the oh so fabulous fashion finale.  This year nominees and presenters didn’t disappoint.  From best dressed to what where they thinking, last night’s carpet was sparking with glitz, glamour and even my own personal raisons d’être: Vintage.

Celebrities showcased ball gown masterpieces from Couture houses like YSL and Chanel and big name designers such as Donna Karan and Marchesa.  Even Project Runway Designer, Chris March had his long-sleeved white gown worn by Oscar legend Meryl Streep.  Sandra Bullock looked absolutely stunning in her sheer Marchesa gown with floral appliqué.  Bullock won me over for best dressed through her simple yet chic presentation including her natural makeup and eye catching rouge lips.  Another noteworthy red carpet winner, as much as I hate to say this, the annoying and overrated Twilight Phenomenon Kristen Stewart.   Her deep navy mermaid inspired Monique Lhuillier gown elegantly transformed her from awkward to awe taken from

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards will be remembered for its fashion, celebrity turn out and most importantly historical moments.  This year was the first year the Academy nominated both a female and an African American for the honor of Best Director.  Change is in the air and the entertainment industry continues to inspire us and educate us on our nation, our government, our citizens and our world.  Congratulations to all the nominees and category winners.    See you next year from Teen Daily

Spring Trend Alert- Flower Power is back with a Vengeance

3 Mar

We all fell in love with the fabulous floppy fabric flower pins Sarah Jessica Parker made famous on the Sex and the City series just a few years ago and I am sure we will all gladly welcome it back this fast approaching spring season. The now iconic brooch has earned itself a spot in the essential wardrobe piece category- rightfully so seeing as how simply pinning one on a blouse or blazer can instantly create a subtle and dainty result or an eye-catching dramatic effect.

High-end designers the likes of Chanel and Givenchy produced timeless brooches over five decades ago that are still in style today. These timeless, Mother Nature inspired accessories have been re-engineered and reintroduced into the fashion world time and time again. For this spring season, my advice to you, get a few brooches you can rely on and reuse from one season to the next. Place them in your hair, on your blouse or even your handbag. Trust me, this is a trend that will keep reappearing so get shopping.

A tip in color chips: this season is all about an evolution of your average pink, from rose to crimson.

The Monarch of all Monograms

2 Mar

Photo taken from LV website

I will admit I was never a big fan of monograms growing up but as I got older I jumped on the band wagon and took pride in plastering my initials on items the likes of  bathroom towels and wine glasses to beach bags and backpacks.  In attempt to vamp up their already impressive brand loyalty iconic French handbag and luggage label Louis Vuitton is getting personal.  LV has created a brand spanking new website dedicated to making your favorite  products more your own through various methods of personalization including adding Monogrammed Initials and stripes that are your choice of either hot stamped or hand painted.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton Official websiteThrough the Mon Monogram website you can choose from the popular Speedy bag, the Keepall travel bag and the fabulous Pegase wheeled suitcase.  With four different stripe positions you can create a unique combination to call your own that will never go out of style and with over 200 million color and stripe combinations possible the sky is the limit.  LV promises their advanced technology will create a personal feel that will last the lifetime of your bag and age just as beautifully- and arrive on your doorstep in less than 8 weeks!