The Posh World of Polyvore

22 Feb

Ok so I never thought there would be an interactive website that could capture my attention and suck me in quite like Facebook but Polyvore has done more- I am completely and utterly obsessed.  For those of you, who like me, think your personal style could really help a few fashion disasters turn their fate around you have got to check out this site!

Polyvore is more than a social networking site- it is a fashion community. With over 5 million unique visitors per day its popularity and growth speaks for itself.   The site allows you to create a user profile to give visitors a taste of your unique style and inspiration.  Once a member you can play around creating outfits or putting together collection collages.  The easy to use site editor allows users to simply drag and drop images from Polyvore’s database, thus creating your own masterpiece.  Themes of all kinds are present on Polyvore and site members showcase their creations- anything from celebrity inspired to interior design, weddings and more.

Images for use on the site are available from virtually any online store.  The outlet for stylish and fashionable people that Polyvore has created is mind-boggling.  So for all you out there with a secret desire to be a stylist, interior designer etc…. Sign up and get going!

-My first Polyvore Set-


One Response to “The Posh World of Polyvore”

  1. Sherri Turner February 22, 2010 at 11:44 PM #

    Love the combo of the wedges and the short shorts! Those Addison peep toes are TO DIE FOR!

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