Ralph Lauren for the 2010 Winter Olympics: Is the designer olympic apparel podium worthy?

17 Feb

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren Blog

As I sat and watched the 2010 Winter Olympic opening ceremony live from Canada Friday night I was awe struck.  Cirque de Soleil inspired performance aside, something just didn’t sit right with the athletes’ outfits, particularly that of Pro snowboarder Shaun White.  While examining the crowd and various Olympic athletes I remembered those smooth and creamy turtlenecks  were products of famous American designer Ralph Lauren.

photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren Fashion Blog

Ralph Lauren has been commissioned to design athletic uniforms for the Olympic games in the past, including the summer games in Beijing.  Lauren was named the official designer of the 2010 Winter Olympic games back in November of 2009.  This games’ collection seems to be the favorite with an “All American” look that captures the preppy and eclectic side of winter sports.  For both opening and closing ceremonies in Vancouver U.S. athletes will be dressed from head to toe in Ralph Lauren designs.  Items of the line include puffy red, white and blue down jackets, big clunky black boots, heavy turtlenecks and chic yet rustic knit caps.

Your very own Designer Olympic gear can be found on the Official Ralph Lauren website.


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