Carrots: Good for the Eyes and the Thighs?

9 Feb

It has been common knowledge for some time now that carrots help better the human eyesight and this valuable information has been passed down from mother to daughter for over a century.  When you were younger did your mother ever say to you, “be careful eating too many carrots, you might just turn orange”?   Funny thing is this really can happen.  Yes sir, Mom was speaking the truth and thanks to the red/yellow hydrocarbon pigment known as Carotene an overconsumption causes a build up of carotene in the bloodstream resulting in your skin turning a lovely orange hue.

Aside from slightly altering your skin tone Carrots really are a power veggie.  That same beta-carotene is converted by your body to Vitamin A, a crucial nutrient needed to maintain proper eyesight.  Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of night blindness and an extreme deficiency can even lead to blindness.

So I am sure you are wondering what does a healthy vegetable have to do with a fashion blog?  Well I have noticed a consistent trend on the runway involving carrots and I want to let you in on the ground floor.  For my fellow trendsetters out there I have a little piece of advice, go out and get yourself a pair of “carrot” leg denim.  That’s right ladies, the carrot leg.  This new adopted style has been spotted on several occasions here on the west coast and soon will trickle down to all fashion circles.

This new jean silhouette has a shape all its own- it is a new twist on the cigarette leg, a combination even of a wide leg and a skinny leg.  This boyfriend inspired denim pant has found its way into major designer spring collections like Diesel and Alexander McQueen.   The slightly taped leg is built for comfort and is super cute so go ahead, eat them up, I promise you wont turn orange.


One Response to “Carrots: Good for the Eyes and the Thighs?”

  1. Jen February 12, 2010 at 2:15 AM #

    I’m not so sure I could pull these off… they com in maternity sizes? haha!

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