Mac’s new iPad: iFab or just plain bad?

2 Feb

picture from PCworld

As a longtime Mac user myself I admit I got mixed up in all the hype certain tech heads started stirring in the months leading up to the iPad’s long-awaited debut but now that it’s finally here I find myself doubting the new gizmos’ performance.  Inflated price and disappointing memory aside what makes the iPad better than the iPhone and other electronic readers like the Kindle?  This is the very question I speculated and the reason I decided to do  a little research.  Sadly, I wasn’t at all impressed with my findings.  As a Macintosh enthusiast I feel it is my duty to bring the not so pretty truth to all you Mac people out there and I am afraid in the case of the iPad, the cons outweigh the pros.

You see there are a number of flaws associated with Macs latest gadget but the inability to multi-task with the iPad seems to be the biggest issue in my opinion.  Want to jam out to your latest Pandora station while you check your email? Not on the iPad, impossible.   Want to ichat with friends, sorry no camera on the iPad.  Now this is a touchy subject because I realize using the iPad to take a picture or video would be considerably awkward and uncomfortable but come on apple what about the video chatting? Even worse the Ipad doesn’t support flash player so no watching your favorite TV shows on Hulu, oh no, or checking the score on ESPN.  And here’s the kicker, you might want to sit down for this one because the iPad doesn’t come outfitted with a USB port.  Not only is transferring data and files from the iPad unnecessarily difficult but if you want a USB adapter it will cost you extra.

So before you rush out to snatch up the latest Apple product think of all the things it doesn’t do and did I mention if you want 3G you still have to go through At&t? No thank you.


One Response to “Mac’s new iPad: iFab or just plain bad?”

  1. Alejandro February 3, 2010 at 12:54 AM #

    Awesome tips! You just saved me some serious mula that would be better spent on my girlfriend. P.S. – Love the blog and I am an instant loyal reader. Keep the goods coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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