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Electronics meet Natural Genius

22 Feb

I stumbled upon this genius contraption a few nights ago while dress shopping on my new favorite vintage Esq website Modcloth. The faux grass and holder are made to hide your messy and tangled electrical cords. The charging station’s base is 7″ deep leaving plenty of room to house an extension cord connected to all your gadgets and gizmo chargers.
I am so in love with this product! Now you can place your mobile, mp3 player, digital camera and more in the stylish grass on your desktop or night stand. I can’t get enough of this Eco savvy design ( I bought one last night)!

Priced from $24.99 to 26.99. manufactured by Kikkerland and available at, Modcloth and Amazon.

The Posh World of Polyvore

22 Feb

Ok so I never thought there would be an interactive website that could capture my attention and suck me in quite like Facebook but Polyvore has done more- I am completely and utterly obsessed.  For those of you, who like me, think your personal style could really help a few fashion disasters turn their fate around you have got to check out this site!

Polyvore is more than a social networking site- it is a fashion community. With over 5 million unique visitors per day its popularity and growth speaks for itself.   The site allows you to create a user profile to give visitors a taste of your unique style and inspiration.  Once a member you can play around creating outfits or putting together collection collages.  The easy to use site editor allows users to simply drag and drop images from Polyvore’s database, thus creating your own masterpiece.  Themes of all kinds are present on Polyvore and site members showcase their creations- anything from celebrity inspired to interior design, weddings and more.

Images for use on the site are available from virtually any online store.  The outlet for stylish and fashionable people that Polyvore has created is mind-boggling.  So for all you out there with a secret desire to be a stylist, interior designer etc…. Sign up and get going!

-My first Polyvore Set-

Ralph Lauren for the 2010 Winter Olympics: Is the designer olympic apparel podium worthy?

17 Feb

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren Blog

As I sat and watched the 2010 Winter Olympic opening ceremony live from Canada Friday night I was awe struck.  Cirque de Soleil inspired performance aside, something just didn’t sit right with the athletes’ outfits, particularly that of Pro snowboarder Shaun White.  While examining the crowd and various Olympic athletes I remembered those smooth and creamy turtlenecks  were products of famous American designer Ralph Lauren.

photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren Fashion Blog

Ralph Lauren has been commissioned to design athletic uniforms for the Olympic games in the past, including the summer games in Beijing.  Lauren was named the official designer of the 2010 Winter Olympic games back in November of 2009.  This games’ collection seems to be the favorite with an “All American” look that captures the preppy and eclectic side of winter sports.  For both opening and closing ceremonies in Vancouver U.S. athletes will be dressed from head to toe in Ralph Lauren designs.  Items of the line include puffy red, white and blue down jackets, big clunky black boots, heavy turtlenecks and chic yet rustic knit caps.

Your very own Designer Olympic gear can be found on the Official Ralph Lauren website.

Long Live McQueen!

12 Feb

As most of you know by now the fashion world suffered a horrific loss today with the sudden death of legendary British fashion designer Alexander McQueen.  McQueen, former head designer for famous French fashion label Givenchy and founder of the Alexander McQueen and McQ labels, took his own life at the age of forty.  McQueen was found dead in his London home, his mother passed away just recently on the second of this month.

McQueen made a name for himself, paving the way for future designers with his many notable accomplishments.  McQueen was best known for being one of the youngest ever designers to earn the title of “British designer of the year” an impressive four times between 1996 and 2003.  Furthermore, McQueen was awarded the CBE and named International Designer of the Year at the Council of Fashion Designer Awards.

In recent years McQueen worked in partnership with Gucci Group and he was the first designer to take a risk and participate in MAC makeup’s promotion involving a collaboration of cosmetics released by fashion designers.  McQueen was also well known for his charity work and has designed several pieces with dedicated proceeds going to various charities such as scarves for breast cancer awareness and tees for gay rights and other significant global issues.

Alexander McQueen made waves in the fashion industry and provided inspiration for many young designers.  He was an innovator but more importantly a son, a brother and a friend.  My heart goes out to his friends, family and all other who have had their lives touched either by him personally or his works of art.

From the wise Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened”.

Carrots: Good for the Eyes and the Thighs?

9 Feb

It has been common knowledge for some time now that carrots help better the human eyesight and this valuable information has been passed down from mother to daughter for over a century.  When you were younger did your mother ever say to you, “be careful eating too many carrots, you might just turn orange”?   Funny thing is this really can happen.  Yes sir, Mom was speaking the truth and thanks to the red/yellow hydrocarbon pigment known as Carotene an overconsumption causes a build up of carotene in the bloodstream resulting in your skin turning a lovely orange hue.

Aside from slightly altering your skin tone Carrots really are a power veggie.  That same beta-carotene is converted by your body to Vitamin A, a crucial nutrient needed to maintain proper eyesight.  Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of night blindness and an extreme deficiency can even lead to blindness.

So I am sure you are wondering what does a healthy vegetable have to do with a fashion blog?  Well I have noticed a consistent trend on the runway involving carrots and I want to let you in on the ground floor.  For my fellow trendsetters out there I have a little piece of advice, go out and get yourself a pair of “carrot” leg denim.  That’s right ladies, the carrot leg.  This new adopted style has been spotted on several occasions here on the west coast and soon will trickle down to all fashion circles.

This new jean silhouette has a shape all its own- it is a new twist on the cigarette leg, a combination even of a wide leg and a skinny leg.  This boyfriend inspired denim pant has found its way into major designer spring collections like Diesel and Alexander McQueen.   The slightly taped leg is built for comfort and is super cute so go ahead, eat them up, I promise you wont turn orange.

Cool Cupid Facts

4 Feb

A few fun facts about V-Day

–       During the middle ages people believed that the first single person you encountered on St. Valentine’s Day would become your future spouse.

–       The Duke of Orleans sent the very first Valentine’s gift ever to his wife shortly after he was captured in the year 1415 and imprisoned in the Tower of London following the Battle of Agincourt.

–       Roughly 190 million cards are exchanged annually, making Valentine’s Day the second-most popular greeting card giving occasion.

–       Before the recession hit Americans were recorded to spend over $14.7 billion in retail sales on Valentine’s Day.

–       Hallmark began selling cards in 1913.

–       The average U.S. consumer is expected to spend an average of $103 on various Valentine’s Day gifts, meals and entertainment, twenty dollars less that the $123 average for 2008.

–       Handwritten Valentine’s Day greetings gained popularity in America during the Revolutionary War and began mass production in the early 1900s.

Mac’s new iPad: iFab or just plain bad?

2 Feb

picture from PCworld

As a longtime Mac user myself I admit I got mixed up in all the hype certain tech heads started stirring in the months leading up to the iPad’s long-awaited debut but now that it’s finally here I find myself doubting the new gizmos’ performance.  Inflated price and disappointing memory aside what makes the iPad better than the iPhone and other electronic readers like the Kindle?  This is the very question I speculated and the reason I decided to do  a little research.  Sadly, I wasn’t at all impressed with my findings.  As a Macintosh enthusiast I feel it is my duty to bring the not so pretty truth to all you Mac people out there and I am afraid in the case of the iPad, the cons outweigh the pros.

You see there are a number of flaws associated with Macs latest gadget but the inability to multi-task with the iPad seems to be the biggest issue in my opinion.  Want to jam out to your latest Pandora station while you check your email? Not on the iPad, impossible.   Want to ichat with friends, sorry no camera on the iPad.  Now this is a touchy subject because I realize using the iPad to take a picture or video would be considerably awkward and uncomfortable but come on apple what about the video chatting? Even worse the Ipad doesn’t support flash player so no watching your favorite TV shows on Hulu, oh no, or checking the score on ESPN.  And here’s the kicker, you might want to sit down for this one because the iPad doesn’t come outfitted with a USB port.  Not only is transferring data and files from the iPad unnecessarily difficult but if you want a USB adapter it will cost you extra.

So before you rush out to snatch up the latest Apple product think of all the things it doesn’t do and did I mention if you want 3G you still have to go through At&t? No thank you.

Going Gaga for The 2010 Grammy Awards

1 Feb

It should not come as a surprise to many that the outlandishly stylish Lady Gaga would render many fashion critics speechless after her appearance on the red carpet for last night’s 52nd Annual Grammy Award show.  The Fame Monster has been creating hype, both good and bad, surrounding her style choices since the moment she burst onto the pop music scene with the release of her first album The Fame back in August 2008.

The big style shock came when red carpet reporters discovered an unusual and somewhat disturbing designer collaboration between Gaga and Giorgio Armani??  Gaga stated, “The series of pieces Mr. Armani created for me are truly iconic; they represent not only beautiful fashion, but my spirit and essence as an artist.”  Gaga loved Armani’s one of a kind creations so much she showcased a grand total of three different looks by the designer throughout the course of the evening.  Gaga has been recognized by the media and her fans for her creativity and forward thinking in performing and the realm of fashion, I say keep up the good work girl.

A few other noteworthy style props and compliments go to Katy Perry in her nude Zac Posen gown, Beyonce’s curve hugging gown by Stephane Rolland and my personal favorite of the evening, Fergie’s marvelous blue mini dress by Emilio Pucci.

Perry looked sweet and chic in her gold, flower studded mini.  The long-sleeve silhouette with its slightly seductive scoop neck showed of the singers bod.  Rolland’s form-fitting satin number did Beyonce’s curves justice and the neutral tone glistened against her luscious skin tone.

Tres Chic on the cheap: 10 Tips for shopping the “Rack”

1 Feb

Nordstrom Rack, the equally fabulous yet slightly more affordable offspring of the infamous Nordstrom chain boasts apparel and accessories with loads of glam for little green, but its beginnings weren’t so à la mode.  It was over three decades ago in rainy Seattle that this discount haven was born.  Originally intended as a clearance department in a damp and dark Seattle basement, Nordstrom Rack blossomed and evolved into the Shopaholic’s fantasy known and loved today in just a few short years.  Eventually earning the legacy of its very own division, Nordstrom Rack currently claims 69 locations in approximately 21 states.  A curious shopper can stumble upon a vast array of designer brands and merchandise at any given rack, including names like: MICHAEL Michael Kors, Joe jeans, BCBG, Calvin Klein and many more. But, the merchandise at Nordstrom Rack can be very fickle and vary greatly from one location to the next. Fortunately, there are a few valuable tips and tricks to scoring big and I’m going to let you in on a few of my prized secrets ( ten to be exact).

10. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t an online store for Nordstrom rack, heart breaking I know, but don’t dismay just head to a store and explore, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.

9. Shop patient and shop often.  The rack gets new merchandise every week and there is something new on the floor every day.

8. Be sure to take your Nordstrom card with you. That’s right you heard me correctly.  Your Nordstrom card works at the rack too so swipe away darling!

7. Get on the list! If you haven’t already signed up for Rack news via postcards and emails it’s a must- they will keep you updated on special events and sales.

6. Tweet on.  I know you’ve been searching for a valid reason to jump on the twitter bandwagon, well here is your chance.  Register for your own Twitter account and listen for noteworthy Rack tweets.

5. Become a #1 fan.  Nordstrom rack has their very own facebook page and you can become a friend/fan with ease.  Due to certain designer agreements the rack is not authorized to advertise many of their special events and savings so being a fan on facebook grants you access to insider information.

4. Keep an open mind.  Some trips to Nordstrom rack requires a little patience and imagination.  Enjoy the thrill of the hunt and you just might be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind shopping find.

3. Read the fine print.  I am sure you are all well aware of the remarkable return policy enforced at Nordstrom, how does it go, “The customer is always right”.  Well I am sad to say this policy doesn’t fly at the rack- all sales on designer items and jewelry are final.  Don’t be discouraged though, you’ll be so in love with your unbelievable designer steal you won’t think twice about returning it.  Plus, all other items are returnable or exchangeable with receipt and tags within 30 days.

2. Don’t forget your Gift card.  It’s true, Nordstrom gift cards are redeemable at all rack locations so shop on sister.

1. Finally, Sit back and enjoy the compliments my friend.  I am sure you will agree there is nothing quite as satisfying as receiving a great compliment on your fabulous designer wardrobe piece all the while thinking in the back of your head……. that I found for half price!