What I’m obsessed with this week.

6 Sep

1. Gorgeous Eye wear, Good cause.

Now that I have become accustomed to a serious decline in my vision in recent years I have been forced to wear my glasses day in and day out for work- In fact I now consider my glasses an extension of myself so I am always on the look out for stylish eye wear that suits my personality.

Last week while on set for a photo shoot at work I learned about Warby Parker eye wear and their many perks.

– Not only is this company reasonably priced to the extent it is almost unbelievable, their customer service is something to marvel.  The sites “Home Try On” option allows you to pick your top 5 pairs to be shipped to your home (free of charge) to try and compare for five days and at the end of your trial you simply ship them back on the house.  You can also use the “virtual try on” feature enabling you to upload am image of yourself to see how the frames will fit your face.

All the above perks aside the best part about this company? Their buy a pair give a pair promise.  Yes sir every pair purchased puts a pair of glasses in the hands of someone in desperate need of prescription eye wear in poverty stricken areas such as Africa and Latin America.

2. Purex Laundry Crystals

Being madly in love with the scent of fresh laundry from a young age causes one to sometimes obsess over new laundry products that carry with them an enjoyable added freshness.  Up until recently I thought tide with febreeze was the greatest invention since Downy but after a recent visit to Target I was introduced to yet another momentous introduction into the world of home laundering products.

These crystals are 92% natural and go in the wash right from the beginning- they can even be directly poured onto garments with no risk of fading or staining delicate fabrics.  These little guys pack a serious punch, keeping your laundry smelling “straight from the wash” fresh for up to two weeks-  it is safe to say here that I am hopelessly in love.  See the latest press and read more here.

3.  Go Toob travel bottles

Now that most major airlines charge you an arm and a leg to check a bag it is imperative for me to cram all necessary items in a carry on to avoid these fees when traveling for work.  Unfortunately, this is becoming a hassle for me  in terms of toiletries and all those fabulous products we take for granted in bottles larger than 3oz.  At first I was wary of travel bottles because I didn’t want to create waste but between my trip to the gym most mornings and the occasional business trip these particular travel bottles have proved most useful.

Made of soft silicone with an added suction cup these squeeze bottles are now an essential part of my travel.  Available in 3 different TSA regulated sizes ( 1.25 Oz/ 2 Oz/ 3Oz) these bottles can carry far more than the average shampoo.  Not only are they  BPA free but they have also been  deemed food safe by the FDA.


What I’m obsessed with this week

29 Aug

After a very long three weeks of work packed with brutally long hours and constant traveling it really does boil down to the little things that make you happy and keep you going ( taking Friday off at the last minute helps- just a little bit).

I can definitely attribute my sanity through recent treacherous work weeks to a small list of minor yet extraordinary objects- below are just a few new items I am in love with this week, hopefully one might inspire/propel you through a long, grueling day as well.

1. The Bodum Travel Press

Now that I have become accustomed to French Press coffee in the morning I have been repeatedly disappointed while at work with unsatisfying coffee.  This I find exceptionally amusing for a girl who since her time in Ireland consumed only instant coffee.  Discovering this little gem truly, as the kids say these days, rocked my world.  I have since purchased a back up ( just in case I leave mine at work and need an extra for the morning car ride.


2. Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes

Admittedly I have always had a not so secret love affair with bright colors in almost any form be it shoes, attire or home decor.   This latest little obsession though, surprises even me.  Avid recyclers alike will enjoy these cubes as much as I due to their overall environmentally friendly quality.  Easy to use, clean and enjoy – these cubes are a great way to spice up a dinner party or your average Tuesday night meal.


3. Customizable Wax Seals

For those who personally know me it is no mystery that I love to write and contrary to popular belief my love and often times arguably neurotic obsession with technology has in no way shape or form affected my traditional desire to hand write.  I will always cherish the feeling that comes over my body when I send or receive a hand written letter.  Truth be told if you add stationary into the mix my heart simply flutters- reason being why I am so fond of personalized wax seals.  21st century or not I am on a mission to keep the love letter alive- in its true ( form because that is  what my Nana would have wanted).

Stylish Gadget of the Week

29 Jul

-Libratone Beat Wireless Stereo Speakers-
There is nothing in this world I love more than style and technology and when someone has the ability to flawlessly combine those two elements I am simply stunned, which more often than not leads to an impulse buy that, in the end, warms my heart. UK company Cancom has done just this with an array of their stunningly beautiful speaker designs.

Available in an array of colors the Libratone speaker rivals the sound of Bose and the beauty of the Mona Lisa and at 485 Euro it’s design is not the only similarity to fine art. Hefty price tag aside this is an eclectic addition to any modern home.

What I’m obsessed with this week.

18 Jul

For those of you who adamantly follow my blog, i.e. friends and family I apologize for my lengthy absence.  It is funny really — who would have thought working ten hour days constantly tweeting and updating statuses would create an adverse affect resulting in blogging being the absolute last thing I want to do when I get home at night.

In attempt to better manage my time outside of the office and satisfy all of your hunger for the latest fashion news delivered from yours truly I have set out to start a few weekly blogs- the first of which I have dubbed ” What I’m obsessed with this week”.

Working in the fashion industry has turned me on to so many trends that I feel the only way to truly enjoy them all is to share my knowledge.  So here we go.

1. Butter London Lacquer- This 3 free ( a fancy way to say “non-toxic”) Nail lacquer’s popularity is growing like wildfire and I am here to say it’s not just a bunch of puff.  This line’s cutting edge, fashion forward colors are winning over hearts the nation over and at only $14 a pop it is a love affair we can all afford.




2. Cute little gadgets-I stumbled upon this little guy while shopping for a desk drawer organizer and just couldn’t pass it up.  With all the technology available today it is easy to get wrapped up in a tangled cord mess- why not DEclutter your gadgets in the cutest way possible.  This guy is a great space saver and a steal at $14.99 by Kikkerland.

3. Sequin Loafers-I have always been one to admit my knees go weak for a little sparkle but these kicks genuinely knocked me off my feet. It is true they carry a striking resemblance to my beloved Christian Louboutins but at $120 these Steve Madden loafers are a dream come true.




4. Water with a kick- In recent months I have given up my normal soda intake, limiting my caffeinated beverages to coffee.  I soon came to discover that drinking solely water day in and day out becomes slightly drab on your taste buds and even bubbly water looses its appeal after a while.  Needless to say I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon this little concoction.    I am a real sucker for packaging and adorable container and great taste aside Mio Liquid Water enhancer trumps any other water flavoring product I have found.

WHITE – The New Black

29 Apr

To many this color carries a sense of stigma in the fashion world.  White has always been exceptionally hard to pull off- that is, unless you live in Europe.  There it seems anyone and everyone can wear it (not saying I agree with this but if you can’t beat them join them right?).    I mean what is your problem white? And who started the infamous no white after Labor day rule anyway?

While the pearly white color may still be growing in the hearts of fashion followers the world over it has already taken the tech world by storm.  If you ask a truly devoted Macintosh nerd how Mac survived and thrived years ago during a time when PCs were rapidly growing in popularity and Bill Gates was on the track to becoming  uber rich, he would tell you it was their innovative approach to operating systems that saved them from doom.  Now I want to make it clear, being somewhat of a apple guru myself I don’t disagree but I do think there is more to it.

You see Mac made computers sexy.  Introducing a new, pure white color into the computer world other than boring old black and the occasional silver hadn’t been done since the dawn of the first computers in the 70s ( Which we all know were far from sexy).  The original white Macbook put apple back on the map and in my opinion was a major factor in the eponymous company’s rise and success.

Years later apple did it again by introducing the white iPhone 3G and yet again with the long anticipated second generation iPad.  And now, FINALLY just 10 months after the initial release date of the iPhone 4 Apple has released the long awaited, super sexy white iPhone 4!!!

Available online & in stores now.

iOS 4.3 The Greatest Update Yet

3 Apr

It is unfortunate that I am the only gal of all my friends that regularly updates my apple products.  In fact I just had a date night with a dear girl friend of mine the other night who confessed to me she took her phone in because it was acting up and running stone age slow.  She was asked immediately the last time it had been updated…. Oops.

Being the tech nerd that I indeed, admittedly am…. I am always eagerly awaiting the next update and in my opinion the folders and multitasking of update 4.0 were long over due.  When the last update hit the scene I was impressed with the airplay feature and air print but this latest update far exceeded my expectations, in fact I am still in a small state of shock and awe at the 4.3 version’s added features.  Let’s go through a running list in no particular order of complete awesomeness shall we.

In my opinion this is the second niftiest new feature inside the 4.3 update.  Now while at home on your LAN ( Local Area Network) you can enable home sharing in iTunes located on your main device and with the click of a button you have access to your COMPLETE iTunes library on any apple device i.e iPhone, iPod touch & iPad.  People this is just sheer brilliance! With the option to add password protection your iTunes library is now expanded to the highest level of personal use ever imagined. There is one catch- you can’t use home sharing for iTunes rentals 😦

Now most of you may not be as into this new added feature but as a new iPad owner myself I find it considerably intriguing.  The 4.3 update has turned what was once simply a “silence” button into a completely customizable tool for each individual user.  Just go into your iPad settings and choose your switch function- you can even lock you screen rotation if you want to stay in portrait or landscape.

We have now reached the single most incredible new feature packaged inside the latest update. Yes my friends it is true the iOS 4.3 update brings you 3G tethering  delivered directly to your wireless products from your iPhone4.  Finally the day has come and the best part, are you sitting down? It’s CHEAP baby. Your iPhone 4 now has the capacity to transform into a personal hotspot granting you password protected wifi access to up to 5 devices at a time- I have chills!  Just contact AT&T to pay the activation fee and get rolling.

So there you have it folks and for those of you who never update your phone I am begging you, pleading with you- get this latest update because it is the one we have all been waiting for.Enjoy!

$$ Your first Tax Return & How to Blow it$$

26 Feb

I know what you’re all thinking, I did the college thing- four years ( maybe more in some cases) of hard partying, managed to make it to a few classes, miraculously earned a degree,  joined the work force – now what right?  It’s funny how our entire adolescence we were raised according to a giant check list- got to school, make good grades, earn a college degree and get a job.  But no one braced us for the decisions to come once we’ve marked off the various “To-dos” on our list.  So where do we go from here? Get a place of our own, check.  Land an entry level job, check.  Buy a new car, check.  But what about the important questions- like filing your taxes or better yet what to do with your first tax return?

This is the predicament I currently find myself in- living from pay check to pay check and now, for the first time in what seems like forever, having some extra cash burning a massive hole in my pocket….

As I pondered the long list of fabulous commodities I desire that will take me years to afford I decided- why not prioritize and pick one thing to totally splurge on? ( I must confess here that this is admittedly the best idea I’ve had yet).

So after days of intense brain storming and weighing some seriously heavy pros and cons I have narrowed down my long, pricey list to a feeble 5, and here they are- and  in no particular order:

1. Your 1st BIG kid Vacation

I speak not only for myself but most of the members of my generation when I say the majority of us where extremely fortunate to have a hefty list of opportunities growing up because of our parents, one being the ability to study abroad and travel.  I mean come on guys- not everyone got to spend a semester overseas to “find themselves” or to travel Europe just because we can ( Thanks dad!).  But once we were off our parents dime and out from under their roofs the luxury of family vacations and world travel came to a screeching halt, at least for me.  So this brings me to my first splurge- Exotic Vacation.  There is no better time than the present to hit up that country you’ve had on your list for years especially while the airline industry is still taking a hit.  So my advice, just DO it!  Reuqest time off, book it and bounce baby! What do you have to loose?

2. Designer Bag

If you have a bag fetish like myself, now is the one acceptable time of the year to just impulse buy.  So what if that purse you drool over every time you go shopping cost as much as a down payment on a car, just buy it already.  Just remember to look at it as an investment- years from now that bag will hit vintage status and be worth 3 times what your originally paid for itcase closed.

3. Rock a pair of Louboutins

So what if your job doesn’t require you to wear heels everyday, give yourself an excuse to go out and look fabulous every now and then.  Every girl deserves to have at least one pair of Louboutin pumps in her closet, in fact if I were President I would make it illegal not to own at least one pair!  In all seriousness, a good pair of black pumps is a necessity for a working girl ( and no I’m not talking about that kind of working girl).  Quit staring at them through the window and go in, sip a glass of champagne and try those babies on!

4. Buy an iPad

Who cares if you still have a perfectly good laptop your parents bought you while you were still in college. We live in the 21st century people, we are the computer generation.  You can try and disagree with me but we all emerged from the womb as early adopters.  Each and everyone of use craves the newest, coolest and fastest technology.  Our world is now dominated by electronic devices.  And whether they are saving our lives or simply bringing us our daily news by means of a wickedly crisp & vivid retina displaywe rely on them.  Besides I bet you $10 bucks you can write them off as a business expense.

5. Pay down your student loans

Yes, believe it or not I didn’t forget about you practical people.  It’s true, I do actually have some sense or responsibility, although sometimes that sense has a tendency to shrink, a lot.  But my faults aside, take that extra dough and put it were it truly belongs.  You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and now you can finally start to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Now don’t get ahead of yourself- you still have a LONG way to go but at least this can be one last payment to worry about right? 

The Coolest Thing Since Electronic Monopoly…

17 Jan

A good friend of mine who I met in college had a very interesting annual family tradition.  Each year on Christmas my friend’s mother would give him a new game of monopoly.  Every year was generally a themed game board such as our Alma mater, the Vols or the Simpsons.  I remember one year distinctly due to the fact that is was the most advanced version of monopoly I had encountered in my lifetime.  The entire game was electronic- no cash at all.  Each player had a debit card and started with $1 million- my how times have changed.

I realize many of the latest technological advances that have emerged in the last few years make electronic monopoly look like child’s play- but every so often a simple, but brilliant new gadget comes along that changes our lives in such a big way.

Square is a new program available across several smart phone platforms including Apple products (iPhone, iTouch & iPad)  and Google Android products (Droid, Droid X, HTC and more).  Square up allows any individual to accept Credit/Debit card payments with no merchant account, monthly fees or hidden costs.

Perfect for those who have a start-up business, small business or friends who constantly forget their wallet- Square supplies you with a free card reader that plugs right into the headphone jack of your device.  Simply plug in the card reader, download the Square App and your good to go.

Square offers remarkably simple pricing.  They collect 2.75% +$.15 for each swiped transaction.  If using a debit card the customer simply enters their pin number to approve the transaction while credit card users use their finger to sign right on your device.  Once completed Square gives you the option to send a electronic receipt via email or even SMS.

Interested in Square? Simply visit the website or download the App and receive your free card reader in the mail.  What are you waiting for? Get swiping!

Stuff Your Stockings with Style: Simple & Silly Gifts

17 Dec

Christmas in my family is celebrated a bit differently than most.  My family is full of Right brained creative types so we tend to focus on the allure of stocking stuffing more than big gifts around the holidays.  There is something to be said about the the feeling one experiences in the middle of a wild search for goofy and sometimes outrageously  daffy gifts.

This year the market for slightly  stupid presents has rapidly expanded.  Stores of all genres now carry unique little trinkets and even devote entire sections to gifts available in affordable price ranges- Under $50 or $25 for example.

If you are in need of some inspiration for your stocking style this year hopefully a few of my funny finds may help you along the way.

Goofy band-aids

Sometimes everyday necessities with a twist make for perfect presents.  For instance “Mustache bandages” are ridiculous but hilarious.  And for only $7 they’re a steal.

For Mac Lovers

Sometimes the ideal gag gift presents itself and this year the perfect gift for all those geeky Mac lovers like myself has arrived.  Macintosh gurus worldwide will truly appreciate a set of “APP Magnets” .  What better way to poke fun at us than to mock our everyday lifeline.  These magnets are simply amazing. 

For the easily entertained

It’s true- some of us just never grow up and I am entirely guilty of holding on tight to my wild imagination and slightly immature tendencies.  For those of you out there who still enjoy a trip to Toys”R”Us it is my pleasure to introduce to you- The wonderful world of Temporary hand tattoos.   Easy to apply and remove the “monster” characters are a brilliantly simple form of spur of the moment entertainment.  These wildly fun, wash-off  tats double as hand puppets and are great for the kids & grownups in your life.

For the Music Lovers

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you wanted to listen to music out loud on your iPhone or iPod but didn’t have speakers? Well Bone Collection has patented a handy little device to ensure you are never trapped in this same pickle again.  Their portable amplifier for the iPhone has an attached horn and resembles and old school Victrola horn.  The amplifier is made of lightweight silicone and comes in funky colors.  And for $25 it is an affordable little thought for any occasion.

Holiday Traveling Guide: A Girl’s Getaway Essentials

16 Dec

Yes, It’s that time of year again. Christmas is here and while we all scramble to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list we must not forget the important details.  For many of us spreading cheer this holiday season requires more than gift giving- travel takes up a major portion of our Christmas vacation.  And whether it’s across the state or the entire nation, we must prepare accordingly.

Amidst the present wrapping and dessert baking one must devote an adequate amount of time packing and organizing for the trip to the Grandparents’, in-laws’ or whichever family member you chose.  I realize the stress of preparing for the holidays can be daunting enough – before factoring in all the minor details…..So I have created a Holiday check list to keep you focused and efficient.

1. The Right overnight or weekender bag can make or break you trip this Christmas so be sure to do things right and pack all your holiday gear in a Longchamp “Le Pilage large” tote bag. Not only are these tote bags super  stylish but this particular line of Longchamp totes is made of lightweight waterproof canvas so they are easy to clean if necessary.

2. Checking your luggage is so last year.  Now essentially all airlines (with the exception of Southwest because they rock) charge up to $25 for each checked bag. Outrageous!  I say stick it to the airlines and work your carry on.  Be sure to stock up on conveniently portable travel sizes of all your toiletries.  Major brand names from big name makeup companies  to fancy shampoo and conditioner lines  now produce travel sizes.

Invest in a travel set for your hair and face- it’s worth the dough because it will last you a long time.

Bumble and Bumble produces travel sets for all their lines from thickening and curl conscious to Creme de Coco and all natural seaweed.  Major skincare brands now make convenient travel sets too.  Clinique offers cute travel sets for all the different combinations of their 3-step skincare system and it even comes with a travel bag.

3. Don’t throw out your usual routine. During the holiday season we are all guilty of letting a few rituals slide like our diet restrictions, hitting the gym or even our before bed skin routine.  Don’t  let the holiday madness through you off the path you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

Download the FIND A GYM APP for your iPhone, iPod or iPad and locate a gym nearest you in seconds.

4. Don’t you dare show up to dinner wrinkly. That’s right I said it. You’re a big girl now, you have your own place, pay your own bills and found that faublous holiday cocktail dress- so why not invest in a small, portable steamer to help you stay stylishly starched.  First impressions are everything in this world so show up smiling and wrinkle free- trust me you’ll be glad you made the extra effort when you look through the photo album next year.